At Your Place™ Catering

La Cazuela is proud to offer our full service catering for those very special fiestas. Margarita machines and our own margarita mix are available for your party. Please contact us to get a quick estimate for your event. We want to be with you at your office, at your home, to accomplish all of your needs with any event. From family gatherings to big celebrations! We’ll find a way to meet your party needs.

At Your Place is a complete party bar which is easy to setup, convenient and completely disposable. It is a quick way to provide a delicious meal for any event. We will even deliver it to you if you live within 5 miles of one of our restaurants. It is the perfect solution for when you need to provide food at an event but you feel that catering is just a bit extravagant. We will provide you with everything that you need, from our delicious food and hot serving dishes, right down to the tableware. At Your Place is available with the following menu selections.